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For all things Garrett Hedlund

Welcome to the Largest LiveJournal community dedicated to actor Garrett Hedlund.

Hedlund_Fan was created to give you the latest news, photos, videos and more, on actor Garrett Hedlund. Fan Fiction, Graphics and Fan Art are more than welcome to be posted.

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When Commenting, Posting and More.

o1 / Every post needs to be related to Garrett Hedlund.
o2 / We will not tolerate anyone bashing on Garrett. This community is to support Garrett, not to bash him. If we see any bashing on him or on any member, we will ban you.
o3 / Graphics are allowed! We simply ask that you follow the posting rules. Make sure if that when posting icons, leave three or four icons before an lj-cut or a link to your journal. The preview for banners/wallpapers must be smaller than 400x300.
o4 / Fan Fictions are allowed! See the link above for posting rules. Make sure when posting a fic, to include the title, author, fic rating and summary.
o5 / - roseblues and slayedmonster are the Moderators of the community; if you have any questions or concerns, please PM either of us, or use the page-a-mod post and we'll get back to you asap.
o6 / When posting an article, photo(s), video(s), you must include the rightful source in the post. Make sure that when posting an article, leave the first section of the article outside on lj-cut and the rest of the article behind. If posting more than one photo or if the photo is large, we recommend ImageBam for hosting the photos.
o7 / If you feel a member is bothering you or if the member is being a problem to the community, please page-a-mod and we'll do anything/everything we can to take care of the problem. We want this to be a fun and exciting community - we don't want any bashing.
o8 / Tags are a must! When posting anything related to Garrett, make sure you include tags that deal with the post. For example, if you're posting an article for TRON: Legacy, look under the tags, and find anything that relates to it. (Ex: film: tron legacy, media: article)
o9 / Most importantly, our community is a Rumor/Gossip/Paparazzi free community. Garrett has said that he wants his privacy, and we wish nothing but for him to have his privacy. We hope you respect his wishes. Submissions of any articles containing rumors of his personal life or who he's 'dating', will be rejected. Photos of Candids/Out and Abouts will be rejected as well.

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